so.. yay..  I get to write something.. My wife says I'm good at this, but I dunno.. 
First, I'll get to the point straight-away... Yes, I'm looking for new clients.. Yes, I'm ready for different.. Ideally, you're looking for a hard working, dedicated, insomniac, whose passion is creating motion graphics, and storytelling.
I've been at this "computer graphics" thing for a while now. I was one of the lucky ones that got hooked on creating and animating on computers long ago.. I was at the Pratt Center conference in NYC in 1982 when they presented "Tron" which was a landmark achievement in computer graphics for its time. I also attended the early SIGGRAPH conferences and was in Minneapolis in 1984 when "André & Wally B." debuted for Pixar. (still unfinished) .. Old school "computer nerd".. But yes, pencil/paper is still my first "go to tool."
The "Idea", the "story", the "concept", the "plan" ... yeah pencil ..
I attended LSU and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, and went to Cal-Arts and studied animation and visual communication. I worked in Hollywood, for motion picture advertising agencies, television production advertising, branding and licensing. 
I joined in on the "internet boom" and moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked at "c|net". I animated for their tv shows that ran on the Sci-Fi Network. (now SYFY)  I was also the Art Director/Lead Designer for 
I freelanced in the Bay area for a while and landed nice contract work on feature films ... some interactive design work ... and design/illustration for Lucasfilm Licensing. After, I signed on with an interactive advertising agency from NYC that wanted help to open a west coast office. Their main client was Disney/ABC.  After growing to over 10 people, I moved to Raleigh NC and continued to work remotely for clients on both coasts. 
Eventually, I found my way onto a small in-house team of like-minded designers and videographers at Cisco, who love what they do, and strive to make great work. This week for instance, I'm animating "show openings" for Cisco's first ever "Teams Week" which is a week dedicated to improving your relationships with your co-workers. Last week, I was out filming some employees wearing pool inflatables for a social media campaign. 
Over the years I've gotten to work with some great people, and do quality work for great clients. There's been a lot of people out there that have helped me along the way too... So, I appreciate all of you, even if we haven't had the opportunity to work together (yet....) Thank you, and thanks for taking a peek at some of my favorite things I've gotten to create over all these years.

speaking of years... I have 30+ years experience with Adobe software, actually started with After Effects when it was "COSA After Effects" I also know some 3d tools - Recently, I'm really loving Unity for its "real-time" 3d rendering ability.

oh and my wife said I used "great" too much.. and too many “...” 
... she’s probably right ... but she’s great too

POST NOTE:  I have been notified that my use of the "..." is considered to indicate that I'm saying something with a mean tone, so I will try to do better and perhaps  move on to "---"instead.