Case Studies


Toys'R'Us goal of 'owning birthdays' led to an interesting strategy. Designing a dual purpose site, to help parents plan birthday fun, and engage and empower kids in a game-like way.

Disney • Pixar

Take a peek thru our concept "sketchbooks" and early animation tests as well as the finished ads for "The Incredibles", "Cars", and "Ratatouille".

ABC Sweeps Week

Sweeps week advertising on the internet to get viewers to tune-in their televisions may seem like an odd idea. See how we made it work for ABC.

Other Portfolio Hilights

Lucasfilm's "Star Wars"

Style guide design work for Episodes I, II, III and Clone Wars. Designs were featured on a variety of different products.

ABC - the Oscars (2008)

Online banner campaign. The ads featured live RSS and live video from the 'red carpet' and were updated as the show progressed.

Created website about advertising during the Super Bowl. News, previews, reviews, and more. (Now in its 16th year!)

Our Apps

Super Advertisements

Watch all your favorite Super Bowl commercials - on your mobile device. has the latest information about those high dollar, high profile advertisements. Review the ads from the past, see the newest commercials before they air and share with your friends. All the latest news, previews and history of big game advertising.

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Use your iPhone's built-in accelerometer to tilt and navigate around without touching the radioactive walls or the CORE. Smash the cooling rods with the anodes, or shoot the core with coolant and make it thru the portal before time runs out and the CORE has a meltdown.

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